Athens Kendo Club was started in 2008 in Nea Filadelfeia, to promote kendo amongst all members of the community and to help raise the profile of this traditional Martial Art in Greece. We believe that kendo is a fun and exciting art that can be enjoyed by anyone – young, old, male and female alike. We have beginners classes and advanced classes, as well as sessions for young children and teenagers.

All sessions are mixed, where men and women enjoy kendo together in a positive and supportive environment. Teamwork, friendship and respect are very important in a dojo and these principles are upheld by our Sensei Antigone Tsintza 4th degree black belt.

Whatever your interest in kendo: be it for exercise, to develop yourself as a person, or to become an athlete and competitor – you’re always very welcome to join us.

Our dojo can be found at Artis 2o, Nea Filadelfeia.

Telephone: 6977 24 16 47